Organising Conferences and Events can very exciting but finding that suitable venue can prove to be daunting for most people. This is often due to the fact that finding a venue that will meet all the requirements can be somewhat of a headache. This is especially true for people who have an enormous work load, and their time is precious! Let us take this task away from you and make it less of an annoyance and more of a pleasure. This is what D & S Conference Solutions offers you.

D & S Conference Solutions has 14 years of specialised hospitality experience. Enjoy a sense of security, as experienced professionals take care of your needs. Once we gain a clear understanding of the requirements for your conference or event, we slip easily into becoming a vital part of your team – working quietly in the background, supporting and consulting with you along the way. Leaving you to concentrate on your day to day functions.

    Our services include:
  • Free venue-finding service: D & S Conference Solutions handles venue-finding and related services at no charge to you. Our income is generated from booking a successfully matched venue and client. The venues pay D&S Conference Solutions an incentive, booking commission that does not affect the rates given to the client – (clients are free to check on this and if this proves to be untrue, are asked to report this finding to us immediately). All quotes and invoices are received from the venues and sent directly to you...........payments are made directly to the venue by our clients.
  • N.B. Bookings need to be done via D&S Conference Solutions for our income to be generated.
  • Venue Selection and Evaluation: As we are not contracted to any one particular venue, the information shared with our clients is unbiased and often gained through prior experiences with recommended venues.
  • Professionalism/Confidentiality: We take pride in our professional service. All information given to us by our clients is kept confidential and only shared with necessary service providers. References from past/present clients can be given - if required.
  • Efficiency: We are equipped to assist with the finer details that are often overlooked – contracts, invoices, confirmations, rooming lists, dietary requirements, conference equipment, seating designs, special functions, teambuilding, gifting and more. Our extensive database enables us to identify venues of appropriate size, budget and area immediately. We endeavour to obtain at least 3 suitable quotes within 24 hours of your enquiry – any delays in this matter will be communicated
  • Quality venues at highly competitive rates: (No extra cost + potential discounts) In addition to our service being free, we can save you more money too. As Professional Conference Organisers we deal with venues regularly and have the advantage of greater negotiating powers with them. We are often able to obtain preferential prices from venues and these are passed directly on to our clients. Our developed relationships with venues also give us the knowledge of where their services can be ‘tweaked’ to assist our clients requirements.
  • Site visits ( arranged on request): A visit to the venue by our clients, prior to signing contract is invaluable. This enables us to ensure your needs are met prior to bookings being confirmed. We can facilitate these visits for you, so that you are received promptly and efficiently. Where site visits are not convenient for you, we will always offer you a frank and thorough assessment of the venues and their services.
  • Additional services: Although our main focus is in successful venue finding, we are able to source all other requirements. Through our professional affiliates in gifting, training, rewards, teambuilding, entertainment and event décor we are able to supply, refer and coordinate further services as may be required,.
  • Contact us now to open the door to a variety of quality venues and services, to help you enjoy a smooth and satisfying conference experience.